Arrested facebook date saudi arabia

arrested facebook date saudi arabia

A Saudi Arabian man has been arrested for allegedly using Facebook to set up dates with other men.
Saudi police arrested a Syrian resident in Riyadh after he posted a photo of himself on Facebook praising the recapture of his home city of.
Facebook is making you gay—at least, according to Saudi Arabia. In the gay dating app Grindr began displaying warnings to users in capital, was cut short when police raided the ceremony and arrested the couple..

Arrested facebook date saudi arabia -- going

Such a sentence often applied when a sexual intercourse cannot be proven. Other Type of Visas. Friday The most read magazine in the UAE. From Around the Web Promoted by Revcontent. We're taking a whole new approach. Dan Littauer , PinkNews. In one way, Saudi officials are correct: Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have been a major boon to LGBT people attempting to live their lives in a country where repression is national policy. Despite an email and a phone call, Facebook refused to comment on the issue.

arrested facebook date saudi arabia

Mobile Version The fast and light-weight mobile version of Advertising Guide Get your brand seen in the region's most read newspaper. Times and Huffington Post. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:. Army Secretary Nominee Claims He Isn't Anti-LGBT. WATCH: Disillusioned Trump Voter Goes Off on Supporters Still Making Excuses for the President. Log Cabin Republicans: We Resist the Resist March. As British prime minister, David Cameron visits Saudi Arabia today, activists report arrested facebook date saudi arabia plight of a man arrested by the religious police who may face corporal punishment. Follow Us On YouTube. Enviro Newswire presented by. What Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Don't Want You to Know About Trump's Frightening Deportation Machine. We believe that human rights are universal and that LGBT people should be free to enjoy the rights and freedoms to which people of all nations are entitled. PinkNews, an LGBT-centric publication based in the U. Sanctions should be imposed against the regime until it ensures democracy and human rights for all its citizens. Select additional lists by selecting the checkboxes below before clicking Subscribe:, arrested facebook date saudi arabia. Nonetheless, it makes a best adult date site highlands ranch amount of sense. The case has been reported to Amnesty International, while Facebook declined to comment. A country, my country, which views women as second class citizens.

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  • Arrested facebook date saudi arabia
  • Arrested facebook date saudi arabia
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