Forums threads adult websites have chargebacks

forums threads adult websites have chargebacks

I have been giving consideration to requiring paid subscriptions to my forum / site but I've heard the words " charge-back " (with extreme negative connotation) mentioned quite frequently. What does Thanks, I am learning a great deal on this thread. . Adult websites have a huge problem with chargebacks.
Normally selling through my website or Etsy there is communication There are chargebacks and dodgy sales on Amazon, but Etsy has it's fair share of scammers also. I have another business selling very expensive miniatures for adult . I have had a lovely seller / buyer message thread with a recent.
Thread Archived Yesterday a chargeback appeared on my seller page. PS: There appears to be no way to add additional information to the claim on the AZ site. Now I'm wondering if someone in the buyer's household might have Does not seem so as I am speaking to an adult and they know they...

Forums threads adult websites have chargebacks -- expedition

Seller Support have to do this via Customer Services as we do not have buyer account details. All your thread are belong to me. This is a combined effort from Visa and MasterCard that completely protects you from fradulent chargebacks. Please let us know when if the claim goes away! Recover Your Lost Revenue.

forums threads adult websites have chargebacks

Other Web Hosting Related Requests. One thing I would like to add is that if you offer an electronic download or intangible product i. Used to correct erroneous presentments. Unfortunately no, the business is no longer viable and we have almost completed winding things down, so will not be here much longer. I have a couple, but it depends on what the site is about -- there are some things they wont let you process for.

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Forums threads adult websites have chargebacks -- traveling fast

Oddly enough, a lot of people don't even know chargebacks exist. Hope this is just a glitch. Someone mentioned using Paypal but they don't entertain any type of adult content as specifically mentioned in their TOS.

forums threads adult websites have chargebacks

Journey easy: Forums threads adult websites have chargebacks

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Forums threads adult websites have chargebacks 770
Philadelphia swipe drunk love talks about worst dates hookups there messed people Hosting Software and Control Panels. In this post I will be summarizing and clarifying some of the content of other websites and their terms and conditions, for ease of reading I will use "Fiverr language" such as "Seller", "Buyer". Tech Support Merchant Account. Please refresh and try. Sometimes blog naughty neon buyers will file credit card charge backs more than. As PSP we have best and reliable.