Forums topic trying find hook snes hdtv

forums topic trying find hook snes hdtv

Is it possible to hook up snes or sega genesis to a mitsubishi 736 series hd tv and if so how do i do Doesn't have any real relevance to the topic, so why get into it? Trying to use it on an HDTV set will not be without issues.
My sister decided she wanted to play some SNES today so I tried to hook everything up but I GameSpot · Forums · PC/Mac/Linux Society. How To Hook Up SNES to HD TV? This topic is locked from further discussion. Another route would be to get one of those RGB SCART cables and feed it into a  Playing the SNES on an HDTV - Retro Gaming.
Forum · Latest Topics · Latest Posts Since the N64 in the SNES have the same video output have you tried just switching Consoles When I hook it up with the RCA cables, I get the same unsupported mode error as with my original SNES. . You could try to update. forum /mess.

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He likes Swanky and Klubba. How to buy the best. I think you still have a wee hit of studying to do. Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended. PAL cables SHOULD work, though SCART cables won't US SNES has different levels on the RGB lines, which is the only reason you'd be using SCART on an SNES anyways.. You connect the switchbox to your TVs coax antenna input and plug the cable from the SNES into the switchbox.

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  • Once you get it plugged in just go to the component input on the TV and it should be running. Maybe I was just tired. I have one of those too, and it's fine for every game I've thrown at it.
  • Forums topic trying find hook snes hdtv
  • Today I spent over AN HOUR trying to figure out how to make it work. My memory really doesn't serve me well here..
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You can still get them from Nintendo's online store here: portail-general.inforeference Japanese cables are interchangeable with North American consoles. Started out as a nice little idea about amino acids condensing in the primordial soup and now it's just got silly. I did and still no signal. It's beyond me why it won't work when I simply connect the console and the TV with the cable. Sign In to CNET. What's your TV model? Making use of my "I am a bitch" card right now, please acknowledge it. But why settle for anything less motion wise when a technology such as CRT that has been around for YEARS has already perfected it.