Global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only

global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only

Second, we are also increasingly confident in the outlook for certain segments of the global consumer industry, and, as such, we want to.
A blog about technology, investing, semiconductors, computing, telecommunications Well, it's a three day weekend for the financial markets and that provides KKR's Outlook for 2016 is appropriately titled " Adult Swim. global - perspectives /publications/ outlook adult - swim - only.
Global Perspectives. Publications; //; KKR Blog ; //; Video Library; //; Podcasts We stick to our base case that we remain in an “ Adult Swim Only ” Consistent with this outlook are two important global macro trends that we believe many parts of the global economy may have peaked and may actually be...

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Importantly, as we have seen with recent events in the United Kingdom, there is certainly more to making good investments these days than just understanding the fundamentals. At the same time, however, we continue to see little scope for an upside break-out to growth. To learn more about cookies, how we use them, and how to adjust your cookie settings, please visit our Privacy Policy. Emerging Markets includes Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey. Simply stated, we believe a higher dollar from current levels will exacerbate risk-off, while a lower dollar will act somewhat as a tonic towards the stress we now see in EM equities and overall credit. Without question, this shift in strategy by European banks is leading to large and attractive opportunities for non-bank lenders, particularly those with restructuring and operational expertise. Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

In Europe, dislocation and political change are forcing corporate executives to rethink their footprints, a trend we view constructively. Uncheck any items you wish to keep in your cart. In our view, this shift towards more reflationary policies by many growth-starved countries around the world is still largely an aspirational one, offset in many instances by slowing trade, poor demographics, weak productivity, and heavy debt burdens. Our Rules of the Road Suggest EM Valuation Now Looks Attractive Relative to DM, But We Have Not Gotten a Formal BUY Signal. The Global Economy Is Now Slower Growing and More Volatile…. Public Equity Valuations Have Moved Up Substantially Around the World in Recent Years. Access to the KKR Investor Portal is provided to investors in Drawbridge Realty Partners, L. Second, in terms of inflation, we have long viewed wage inflation as the key metric to watch, and we now see signs that wages are heading higher this year, "global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only". I read things like this to help me understand what could happen and how I can profit from it. Source: Banco Central do Brasil, Ministerio do Trabalho e Emprego, Haver Analytics. Specifically, within Equities, we expect Value stocks article social media young people addicted handily outperform, with Financials and Energy as our most favored sectors.

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That said, our top-down work on the consumer confirms that it is not business as usual. Source: Datastream, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research. Download the Presentation , PDF.

global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only

Global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only - flying easy

We also do not want to ignore some of the structural issues. The biggest players in the chip business are screaming from the rooftops but Wall Street seems reluctant bite on the hype I tend to agree. At the moment, we are most constructive on what we are seeing in Japan, because it is a direct play on our Complexity thesis. On the one hand, with lower prices, lower currencies, and higher debt burdens, the outlook for many commodity-linked economies including Brazil, Russia, and Malaysia is now definitely more subdued.

global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only

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Global perspectives blog economic outlook adult swim only Softer US Dollar Boosts Many Emerging Markets, but Global Growth Still Looks Slow and Steady. Follow us Social Media :. They are as follows: Consistent with this view, we think that the macroeconomic backdrop will likely be shifting from a disinflationary, slower growth environment towards a reflationary-directed one with less onerous near-term banking regulation and fiscal targets. The country has good fiscal policy, a thoughtful central bank, and close ties to the United States. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. PPI Is an Important Driver of Nominal GDP Growth in China.
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